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The installation of pavers typically involves the following steps, but don't worry, as we’ve done it hundreds of times, we will take care of that for you:

Excavation: The area where the pavers will be installed is excavated to a suitable depth to accommodate the pavers and any necessary base material.

Base Preparation: A layer of base material, such as crushed rock or gravel, is spread and leveled over the excavated area to create a stable and level surface for the pavers to be installed on.

Edge Restraints: Edge restraints, such as concrete or plastic edging, are installed around the perimeter of the area to hold the pavers in place.

Sand Bedding: A layer of sand is spread over the base material, and the sand is leveled to create a smooth and even surface for the pavers to be placed on.

Paver Placement: The pavers are placed on the sand bed, starting at one corner of the area and working outwards. The pavers are carefully placed and adjusted to create the desired pattern and shape.

Cutting: Pavers may need to be cut to fit around edges and other obstacles, such as trees or rocks.

Sand Jointing: Once all the pavers are in place, a layer of fine sand is spread over the surface and worked into the joints between the pavers. The sand helps to lock the pavers in place and create a stable and durable surface.

Compaction: Finally, the entire surface is compacted with a plate compactor to ensure that the pavers are firmly in place and the surface is level and stable.

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